The Revelator

Microphone Support System

About the Revelator

About the Revelator

The New Innovative & Revolutionary Microphone Support System from Enhanced Audio.
The Revelator in combination with the M600 Universal Microphone Mount provides an extremely stable and secure microphone support plus an unbelievable and outstanding improvement in the performance and sound of your microphone.

Features include:

Solid Aluminium Construction weighing in at 12.2 kgs.
A unique Boom Arm Angular Position Locking System which stays in the position you choose.
The M600's Minimum Contact Locking Mechanism for the adjustment of the Boom Arm Length and Centre Support Height.
A tripod base utilising inverted aluminium cones as feet for minimum floor contact and
reduced low frequency interference.

The Boom Assembly Arm

The Boom Arm assembly is constructed of solid aluminium with an overall length of 1000mm terminating in a 5/8''-27 thread to accept the M600 Universal Microphone Mount. Included is the Angular Position Locking System and a 1.25kg 2.8lb counterweight for effortless Boom Arm orientation.

How are the Boom arm and Centre Support held in position?

The Boom Arm and Centre Support slide through two clamping rings and lock in position utilising the method of Minimum Contact Mounting as used by the M600 Universal Microphone Mount creating a unique locking mechanism for the adjustment of the Boom Arm length and Centre Support height.

How does the APLS work?

The Angular Position Locking System comprises of a large pressure plate and two natural rubber disc brakes. The centrally applied pressure by the adjustment handle is evenly spread by the large pressure plate to the two natural rubber discs allowing versatile positioning and positive locking of the Boom Arm assembly.

See Specifications for more information


The Revelator Alpha Specifications The Revelator Bravo Specifications
Max Height: 3048mm (10ft) Max Height: 1830mm (6ft)
Boom Length: 1000mm (3.28ft) Boom Length: 800mm (2.62ft)
Centre Support Length: 1000mm (3.28ft) Centre Support Length: 450mm (1.48ft)
Leg Length: 330mm (1.08ft) Leg Length: 330mm (1.08ft)
Counterweight 1.25Kgs (2.8lbs) Counterweight 1.25Kgs (2.8lbs)
Base Diameter: 770mm (2.53ft) Base Diameter: 770mm (2.53ft)
Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Acetel Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Acetel
Total Stand Weight: 12.2Kgs (26lbs) Total Stand Weight: 9Kgs (19.8lbs)
Total Shipping Weight: 14.5Kgs (31.9lbs) Total Shipping Weight: 10.5Kgs (23lbs)
Specifications are subject to change without notice




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