Revelator ll Testimonials


Steve Stone Testimonial


I've been using the Enhanced Audio M600 mic mount for months now, and can't be without it. Recently I've acquired the two new Enhanced Audio Revelator II mic stands and there amazing. These things are built like a TANK! I Love it!

They have made a HUGE difference in the sound of my voice tracks, no more desk vibrations. In conjunction with the M600 mic mount it's been night and day, Improving the sonic resolution of my voice tracks from both of my studios! I highly recommend both of these great devices to all my voice-over colleagues.

Steve Stone


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Mike Bratton Testimonial


Thank you for making such amazing products. I started off with my M600 mounts, which are phenomenal. Then, when I heard about the new Revelator II mic stand, I knew I had to have one.

And now that I do...I must sing its praises!

First and is built like a tank. If a tank were an elegantly welded, immaculately constructed piece of art!

My situation, having a home studio in an apartment in New York, was what to do about structural vibration and transient bass frequencies traveling into my booth, up my mic stand, and into every recording.

This stand solved that problem, immediately...with the 3 minimal footprint contact points, structural vibration is reduced to almost nothing...and then, to top it off...just as with the M600, the stand just makes my mic sound tighter.

Mike Bratton


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Jim Tasker Testimonial


Recently while recording for one of the networks that I do regular daily recording with. The engineer, without being prompted, said: "Your room sounds much cleaner today more than usual.. I usually have to roll off some of the bottom end to make it sound crisper but I don't think I need to do that today, did you change something?"

I of course told him about my new and improved Enhanced Audio Revelator II Mic Stand.

Personally I can hear the difference in the amount of gain I instantly heard after it was installed. It's a crisper cleaner sound and floor noise has virtually disappeared from my booth with my new Enhanced Audio Revelator II mic stand. In my opinion this mic stand is a MUST HAVE for any working voiceover professional that wants to deliver the best possible product.

Jim Tasker


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