Universal Microphone Mount

About the M600

About the M600

The M600 has been designed as a universal microphone mount.

Most microphone mounts sold today are designed to work only with a specific model or type of microphone; the M600 has been designed as a universal microphone mount.

Built to last, it's quick and easy to swap between mics offering increased security and stability, holding not only your favourite microphone but also most of the microphones in your prized collection. It fits standard 5/8-27 American Unified Threaded microphone stands, and with the use of an insert will fit 3/8-16 B.S.W. Threaded Stands. The M600 can accommodate microphones from pencil size to large condensers up to 65mm diameter ( 2.56 inches).

Another contributing factor, which led to the design of the M600, is the general dissatisfaction with the build quality of conventional suspension mounts and particularly the durability of the rubber bands used to suspend the microphone.
With regard to the subject of shock or suspension mounts, this method of mounting may reduce large amplitude vibrations to a degree, but will not eliminate them completely.

Enhanced Audio is not suggesting that a microphone when used with a suspension mount does not benefit in any way, but we believe that due to the M600s unique design and dramatic reduction of infrasonic vibrations a much-improved reproduction of the original sound source at the beginning of the recording chain is achieved.

Owners of the M600 have found that their microphones exhibit an audibly tighter and extended bass response, cleaner treble and improved detail when using the M600 and less of these attributes when used with a suspension or clip mount.

How it works

The M600 aims to enhance at the source of the recording chain minimizing the use of electronic processing such as equalisation resulting in a less processed performance for you to enjoy.

The M600's unique design offers increased musical headroom and greater dynamic transient capability. This is achieved by a unique method of minimum contact mounting, using this method enables the body of the microphone and capsule to remain stationary and the only thing moving is the sound wave.
Similar to when a camera is placed on a tripod you get a clearer image due to the reduced movement of the camera or when a speaker is placed on a heavy-duty speaker stand, tighter bass, cleaner treble and improved detail.

The M600 breaks away from the convention of suspension mounting by clamping the microphone within two low resonant aluminium rings. These rings are precision drilled and tapped at three points. At each of the three points an adjustable mounting screw is inserted, attached to the screw by way of a ballpoint socket is a techno polymer plastic (Delrin) thrust pad.

The thrust pads align themselves on to the surface of the microphone and thus prevent the rotating force of the adjustment screws being transmitted to the microphone.

When mounting the microphone, the microphone is held by hand within the centre of the rings until each screw, a total of six is adjusted to make contact with the microphone. This method of mounting the microphone within six minimum points of contact also reduces low-level mechanical vibrations below 20Hz.

It's natural to assume that these infrasonic vibrations due to their lack of audibility within the human ears frequency response do not have any significant effect on the normal operation and frequency response of a microphone, but in tests and in practice we believe that they most certainly do.

Theory is one thing, reality another, technical specifications are important but we believe that there is nothing that goes beyond your own personal experience and listening with your own ears.

Try your microphone with the Enhanced Audio M600 and go beyond exceeding your expectations.

The M600 bringing the art of recording closer to the original performance.

About the M600-XL

About the M600-XL

The M600-XL has been designed to accommodate microphones such as The Rode Classic microphone,
Neumann D-01, TLM 49, M149, M150.

The M600-XL holds microphones from 50mm to 85mm in diameter (1.97'' to 3.35 inches).

See Specifications for more information

About the M600-XXL

About the M600-XXL

The M600-XXL has been designed to accommodate The Blue Bottle microphone and Vintage microphones
such as The RFT CM7151 microphone, Neumann CMV 3/5.

The M600-XXL holds microphones from 70mm to 105mm in diameter (2.75'' to 4.13 inches).

See Specifications for more information


Specifications: M600 M600-XL M600-XXL
Microphone diameter: 18-65mm 50-85mm 70-105mm
Weight: 550grms 575grms 600grms
Overall diameter: 100mm 125mm 145mm
Length: 220mm 245mm 265mm
Depth: 70mm 70mm 70mm



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