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"All I know is it sounds... better. And better is GOOD!"
Voice Over Artist

"The M600 is fantastic. The most simple device in enhancing audio that I have ever used."

You deserve a lot of credit for developing this simple yet largely effective piece of equipment. The day that I switched from my old "clip" mount to the M600, I noticed a tighter bass in my bass tones as well as cleaner high tones.

Thank you very much for your product. I wish you continued success and rest assured I will spread the good word about the M600.

Jim Tasker
Voice Over Artist

You can listen to some of my work since switching to the M600:

Jim Tasker


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"Los Angeles based voice-over artist Joe Cipriano rediscovers his Neumann U87 when used with the Enhanced Audio M600."

"I recently recorded a voice over session via ISDN from my home studio in Beverly Hills, California to a highly respected studio in New York City.
We were recording an update to a TV Network promo. All I had to do was punch in one line in the middle of a paragraph I had recorded two months earlier.

It was important to match what was recorded before and it was a little tricky because it was old me, going into new me and then back to old me. After a few takes I was able to match just right but the mixer said, " hmmmm... you sound different today". I asked him to explain and he said, " your studio always sounds great, but it sounds even better today."

I told him the only difference was the fact that I was using a new microphone mount, the Enhanced Audio M600, designed and built in Ireland. The audible difference, even over an ISDN line, was certainly not subtle. Needless to say. The M600 is now a permanent part of my studio and I highly recommend its use."

Joe Cipriano,
Voice Over Artist

Joe Cipriano

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"WOW! I had no idea that my voice over tracks would truly become Enhanced Audio due to my new mic mount."

I recently saw a news flash that my good buddy Joe Cipriano is using the M600 in his studio and was intrigued by it's very cool look. So I reached out to David Browne the inventor and distributor and was delighted when it arrived. I took my favorite mic, my Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone. I carefully removed it from it's suspension mount and placed it in the M600. After a few minutes of adjusting.. wham! There it is.

David Browne called me personally to make sure that the M600 had arrived I told him that indeed it arrived and was just installed. He then went on to explain to me how to get the most out of my new mic mount. I was delighted to hear from him that his research and feedback from buyers had confirmed that not only did it look cool but in fact all of my audio was instantly sounding better!WOW! I had no idea that my voice over tracks would truly become Enhanced Audio due to my new mic mount.

I am now purchasing one for my Sennheiser 416!! I know it sounds strange but you will have to hear and see for yourself, Other than that what can I say except It was worth the wait!!

Randy Thomas,
Voice Over Artist


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"The M600 has brought more to my party than a new booth, my mic sounds better and unwanted sounds are no longer there."

"My Neumann U87 is in the M600 which in turn is in my new voice over booth. Needless to say the new booth wasn't cheap and I shouldn't be spending time and resources trying to get it to sound good, I am. The M600 has brought more to my party than a new booth, my mic sounds better and unwanted sounds are no longer there. In terms of better quality audio, it can be heard and when viewing the audio waveform it can even be seen."

Philip Banks,
Voice over Artist



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"I'm using a vintage Neumann U-87 and too say it has improved the capture of the mic is a severe understatement. Wow!"

I'm certain you have had numerous replies of congratulations on the design of the M600. I'd like to add my name to this list as well. This is a stellar product. It’s hard to imagine a microphone mount could have this profound an impact in the recording process but it does. I'm using a vintage Neumann U-87 and too say it has improved the capture of the mic is a severe understatement. Wow!

Thanks again for a fantastic product.
All the best,

Marc Rose,
MJR Sound Design - USA



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"With no exception they picked out the M600"

Yes I admit, when I got an email about the M600 I was sceptical and so we're clients I told about the product. Because of some voice-over colleques and big time record producers endorsements I decided to order one.

When I installed it with my Neumann U87 I immediately heard a difference during recording in my headphones. On the monitors there was a difference too. Much tighter low end and I seem to have lost a hiss in the high frequencies. It was more like an "in your face" sound now.

I did send an A-B test recording to some clients and did not tell them which recording was made with the Neumann mount and which with the M600. Some asked if I changed my acoustics or moved my reflection screen and others could not tell what the difference was but definitely agreed that it sounded better. With no exception they picked out the M600.

Needless to say that I became a believer and I am a happy M600 owner now.

Zeno Groenewegen,
Dutch Voice Talent,
The Netherlands


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"The M600 is the best thing to have happened to my old Neumann U89 since the wall fell down."

The M600 is the best thing to have happened to my old Neumann U89 since the wall fell down. And it's even cheaper than the German alternative. Every now and then someone comes up with something truly inovative. I'm glad it's an Irish invention,the M600 sounds and works great. And you don't have to deal with saggy old rubber bands. How low tech is that. And because any mic fits I've tossed the spiders.

I hereby nominate David Browne for Time Magazine's "Man of the Year".

Yuri Worontschak



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"I use a Sennheiser 416 Shotgun microphone for voice-over and the mike has never sounded better."


Wow! I love the M600! I get rich, clean lows without any EQ at all. In a word,the M600 is Sweeeeeet!

Thanks for a great product!

Stephen Brown
ShowChannel, Inc.


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"It's like I just got the Avalon preamp I have always wanted."


I do professional Voice-overs and so, just bought one... LOl, this M600 really DOES make a (big) difference!! It's like I just got the Avalon preamp I have always wanted... and I still just have my old Presonus...

The audio OVERALL is better as well as a lower room noise wave I was always getting... amazing!!

Ari Ross
Voice Over Artist


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"Dublin based voice over and post production studio, beacon studios, purchased six Enhanced Audio M600 Universal Microphone mounts within minutes of hearing the improved performance from their collection of Neumann U87 Microphones when used with the Enhanced Audio M600."


"It was with a bit of good old Irish sceptism that we invited into our studio, David Browne from Enhanced Audio to demonstrate the M600 universal microphone mount.

The first thing that impressed me about the M600 was the look of it...retro, but very functional, and as I opened the mic channel and heard the result, a result that really needs to be heard to be believed, that good old Irish sceptism faded away........

I bought six of them"

Noel Storey,
Beacon Studios,
Dublin, Ireland


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"Paris based post production specialist Auvitec has selected Enhanced Audio M600 Universal Microphone Mounts for use at its six, full-service post production facilities, Paris, France."

"I totally agree with the design of the Enhanced Audio M600. If we want a rock solid and sharp audio image, the microphone must be rigidly attached to a solid structure.

As with all analogue transducers, vibration and instability will cause some artefacts producing a shadow zone instead of a clean sharp audio image. Where as suspension mounts can isolate partially the microphone from the external environment they also contribute to other problems worse than the remedy.

All movement and vibration effecting the microphone will act as pollution and annihilate the definition and clearness of the audio image.

I am very pleased with the results obtained when using the Enhanced Audio M600".

Bruno Gaullier
Director, Auvitec Post Production
Auvitec - Post Production - Paris - France



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